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bromo arts district

Located in Downtown Baltimore, the Bromo Tower Arts & Entertainment District was established in 2012 to realize the area’s potential as a thriving downtown arts neighborhood. The Bromo Tower A&E District, anchored to the south by the Bromo Seltzer Arts Tower, stretches north to include the historic Lexington Market and up to Antique Row, just blocks away from Mount Vernon.

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Bromo Art Walk

Theaters, galleries, studios, and more open for an art-filled evening of performances and exhibitions in the district.

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Virtual Events

Learn about the latest virtual offerings from your favorite creative spaces.


Share Your Projects

Use #BromoMade to share the projects you've been working on while at home.

What's Happening In Bromo



More than 30 galleries, music venues, theaters and collectives call the Bromo home.  

You'll find restaurants, bars, community centers, shopping and the Howard Dog Park.


Get A Tax Break When You Make Your Art In The Bromo 


There's More Than Meets the Eye In The Bromo. Plan Your Trip Here.

There's Opportunity to Create Arts and Entertainment Businesses In The Bromo.

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