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Living and Baltimore and making your art In The Bromo can save you personally and professionally.  In The Bromo, we care about our artists.  Contact us about incentives and the benefits of  being part of the Bromo!


Ms. Pamela Dunne
Program Director – Arts & Entertainment Districts
175 W. Ostend Street, Suite E
Baltimore, Maryland 21230
(410) 767-6484

Artist Income Tax Inquiries

Revenue Administration Division
Comptroller of Maryland
110 Carroll Street
Annapolis, Maryland 21411

Admissions & Amusement Tax Inquires

Maryland State Comptroller’s Office
301 West Preston Street
Baltimore, Maryland 21201

Property Tax Credit Inquiries

Department of Assessments and Taxation
301 West Preston Street, Room 808
Baltimore, Maryland 21201

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Artists, arts organizations and other creative enterprises operating in the Bromo Arts District have the opportunity to take advantage of tax incentives afforded by the District's official state designation as an Arts & Entertainment District. The Arts & Entertainment District Program is administered by the Maryland Secretary of Business and Economic Development. Activities related to revenue and taxes are administered by the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation and the Comptroller.

  • Income Tax Subtraction Modification 
    Qualifying artists who own or rent residential real property in Baltimore City and who conduct business in the Bromo Tower Arts & Entertainment District, may be eligible for a Maryland personal income tax subtraction modification to eliminate state and local income tax on their income from the sale, publication, or production within the District of their artistic work that is written, composed, or executed within the District. This includes income derived from internet, mail order, and catalog sales of artistic work that is shipped from within the District to buyers in another location, if the qualifying artist created that artistic work within the District. Maryland Form 502AE: "Subtraction For Income Derived Within An Arts and Entertainment District" can be found here.


  • Admission & Amusement Tax Exemption 
    Enterprises dedicated to visual or performing arts located within the Arts & Entertainment District are exempt from the collection of the State of Maryland's Admissions and Amusement Tax. Businesses must qualify for the exemption and notification must be provided to the State of Maryland's Comptroller's Office in order to be eligible. Information & Application found here.


  • Arts and Entertainment Districts Property Tax Credit 
    Artists or arts and entertainment enterprises may receive a 10-year property tax credit for renovated buildings that provide live-work space for artists and/or space for arts and entertainment enterprises. The property tax credit is prorated to reflect the proportion of a rehabbed building and only applies to improvements made to the property. Property owners renovating live-work spaces in an A&E district can contact the MD State Department of Assessments and Taxation to determine the building’s eligibility. Within 90 days following receipt of a tax assessment, property owners must file a tax credit application with the City’s Department of Finance. Property owners must annually re-certify that the building is being used in compliance with the property tax credit. Information & Application can be found here.

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