Three Bromos Go For Bond Bills

This past weekend, three arts organizations appeared before the legislature to request funding through bond bills.

It's a challenging to explain exactly how a bond bill works as you can see from the Legislative Services description:

"Legislative initiatives are used to fund individual bond bill requests. They are bond authorization bills filed by members of the General Assembly to support specific local or non-State-owned capital projects. These projects include, but are not limited to, health facilities, historic preservation projects, museums, and sports and recreational facilities. Legislative initiatives are not submitted as part of the Governor’s Capital Budget. However, as they have an impact on State finances, the Department of Legislative Services reviews them in accordance with procedures established by the Governor and the General Assembly."

Essentially, a Delegate and a State Senator endorse these bills which are then added to the Governors Budget where they funded from a capitol budget. This capital budget is fixed so not all of the requests are funded.

Le Mondo, Maryland Art Place and the Downtown Cultural Center made very short presentations to committee's overseeing the bond bills. And it's a VERY short presentation; about 3-5 minutes.

Maryland Art Place requested funding for HVAC modernization. Le Mondo's request would cover sprinkler systems so they can maximize the crowd capacity of their venue and the Downtown Cultural Center asked for funds to repair their elevators.

Good luck to all!

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