Five On Howard Up For Bids!

The Baltimore Development Corporation has put five properties out for proposals. These five highly visible buildings are located in the heart of the Bromo Arts District.

The properties, 407 through 415 Howard Street are adjacent to Current Gallery and directly across the street from Le Mondo's much anticipated artists development project. Needless to say, the future use of these buildings will play a big part in defining the Bromo Arts District.

This is an amazing opportunity to stake your claim and have a permanent space for your gallery, live/work space, music venue, theater company or any other artistic endeavor you can think dream. Sure, ownership is a huge challenge but the long term benefits are substantial.

The 400 block of Howard Street is short 90 second walk from the Mt. Vernon Marketplace, several high density apartment buildings and is just two blocks north of the Hutzlers building where The Contemporary is currently exhibiting. This is perfect location for organizations that require substantial foot traffic.

Any artist group interested in purchasing, renovating and operating in these spaces should carefully read and formulate a response to the RFP. You can find the complete RFP on the BDC's website.

Bromo Arts District buildings for RFP by BDC

The Bromo Arts District will offer advice to individual artists and arts organizations who wish to respond. We can also introduce you to professionals experienced in responding RFPs.

The RFP process is open to the general public.

Unlike many RFPs, this two page document is much clearer in the items to be delivered in the responses. Responses are due by Noon on April 10th and require a $400 submittal fee.

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