UPDATE: NEW SESSION ADDED! Parents: Wondering How Your Kid Will Make Money As An Artist?

New session added: Saturday May 13, 10:30–11:30am at Jordan Faye in the MAP Building.

It's hard enough advising your kid about which college to attend. There's a ton of considerations; major, location; travel; state or private. The list is endless and most parents draw on their own experiences.

But what if your students says: I want to be an artist.

Even the most forward thinking parent with a business degree is going to have tough time with that! But wait.. There's Help!

There are so many ways to be a creative thriving artist. Think about it. Someone has to create all those worlds you see in video games. And that tiger on The Walking Dead? An artist did that!

ARTiculate and Jordan Fay Block are joining together to give you and your student a primer on what an art education looks like what the economic projections a career in the arts can encompass.

CAREERS IN THE ARTS Introduces students to a variety of different art careers, many of which combine "traditional" subjects with art, such as Biomedical Illustration and Interface Design and opens their horizons to many exciting professions.

Attend a short informative workshop with Florence Lehr of ARTriculate & Jordan Faye Block Saturday May 13, 10:30–11:30am

This workshop is free and open to any parents and high school students who are looking at a career in the arts.

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