Stick The Bromo On Your Door

It's time to let everyone know They Are In The Bromo!

The Bromo District is distributing window and computer stickers to businesses and individuals who can help us unify The Bromo's identity. Often, visitors and residents do not realize they are in Baltimore's most active arts neighborhoods.

Can you help us? Display a You Are In The Bromo Sticker in a visible place.

Businesses: We have "inside the glass door or window" stickers designed to be placed on your front door or other street facing window. Just peel and stick them somewhere they'll be seen.

Individuals: We also have regular "glue on the back" stickers perfect for decorating your car, computer, other fun place. You'l be helping identify the district and your support of the arts.

Both stickers are 5" x 5".

I hope you'll help The Bromo Grow!

How to get one: Send an email to Include your street address and we'll send one right out. I'm happy to deliver stickers to your business during the day. I need to get some steps in so a good walk around The District to meet you is always welcome.

Thanks! Steve Yasko

Bromo Arts And Entertainment District

(410) 244 1030 ex 713

20 S Charles Street, Baltimore MD 21201

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