MSAC Has $$$ for Organizations!

Every year the Maryland State Arts Council awards a lot of money to arts organizations all over in the state. In fact, in FY 2017, they awarded over $13 MILLION!

It's not an easy process. And in fact, it's one that you may need to apply to for several years before your organization gets an award. So you should get started right now.

There are three basic criteria: Artistic merit, organizational effectiveness, and service to the community.

It's easy to get overwhelmed by the vagueness of things like "organizational effectiveness." Just about every grant making organization has a secret language that they're looking for in your application. Sometimes it can feel like you're in a room painted black with no lights on searching a marble on the floor and the floor keeps pitching up and down.

Luckily, MSAC has a pretty clear definition of what they're looking for and have published a criteria sheet for your review.

Many Bromo Arts Organizations already receive funding under this program. If yours doesn't, you and and your board should consider investigating the opportunity today.

Also, there is an extra step if your organization did not receive a grant for organizations in 2017. You have to file an intent to apply get cracking!

Here's a link to the MSAC Grants for Organizations Page and The Bromo Arts District is happy to advise and and assist in any we can. Here's a list of the awards MSAC made in FY 2017.

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