It's Renovation Season In The Bromo!

The paint brushes are out in The Bromo!

Facade improvements are fastest and easiest way to improve your property and overall look of The Bromo. Several projects are underway that are brightening up the district.

Quick note: Facade Improvement Grants are available from the Downtown Partnership and The Baltimore Development Corporation. Check out their websites for more information about these funds can significantly defer the costs of your project.

Le Mondo is making improvements to their first building on the 400 block of Howard Street. What you see taking shape in the photos is a collaboration of the Le Mondo artists and their architect, Peter Fillat. New signage, designed by Kelly Bell, will also be installed by the end of August.

Carly bales and Delaney Cate choose the colors and scheme, and the work was done by the always artistically inclined contractors at Edgemont Builders.

The Downtown Partnership of Baltimore spearheaded a volunteer day with Whiting-Turner contractors to paint the old Reads Drug Store site in The Bromo logo colors.

This project is seen by thousands of passersby at the corner of Howard and Lexington. Major Thanks to both organizations for their hard work.

416 Howard is most of the way through their renovation including the creation of open space between this project and Le Mondo's third building.

In the near future you'll see new apartments and retail space (no tenant announced) on the ground floor.

Most folks have seen the completion of 500 Park Ave apartments. Here's some photos taken from the Howard Street side of the project.

Le Mondo Current Space and the other arts and entertainment options of Howard Street are just a 90 second walk from these apartments and the Mt. Vernon Marketplace; making Bromo a very walkable neighborhood.

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