Large Scale Signage Ties Bromo Together

The Bromo Arts and Entertainment District is working to create a neighborhood where the arts, entertainment and businesses thrive side-by-side. The Bromo is located on the west side of downtown Baltimore, The District starts by the Bromo Tower and goes north along Howard Street, Eutaw Street and Park Ave.

If you're familiar with this part of the city you'll know there are some amazing culture institutions like the Hippodrome, Everyman Theatre and Lexington Market. You might be less familiar with Maryland Art Place, Le Mondo and Current Space.

There are dozens of other small and medium sized arts and entertainment organizations and business dotting the neighborhood. You'll also know that between these dots of activity are a bevy of empty buildings and long stretches of inactivity.

The Bromo Arts and Entertainment District is out to change that by attracting more artists and arts organizations. And a big thanks to Liora Ostroff and Alex Dukes for the use of their art!

Our first step is to let people know just how many arts organizations there are in The Bromo. We've installed several large, full window sized signs featuring art from two local artists and the iconic Bromo Tower.

These signs feature basic wayfaring information to direct visitors to the organizations. Our goal is to create connections between the different sub-districts in the very large Bromo and to brighten the neighborhood with art and color.

You can find the signs at 500 Park Ave, 8 N Howard, on Eutaw across from the Hippodrome and at Lexington Market.

Bromo Arts And Entertainment District

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